DIY Pizza Making

So we’re considering selling DIY Pizza Kits, to make lovely pizza in your own home.

The kit will consist of our dough together with tomato sauce and Mozarella. We’ll also throw in some pizza boxes for that professional touch 😉

Cooking together can be great fun, either as a family night or as a romantic date night.  We’re still sorting the finer details of this out, but decided to test the ‘Kit’ with my family and some of my kids friends, as this could also easily be adapted for kids parties etc.

The results were great. everyone seemed to enjoy it, and whilst they were exactly the same as when cooked in 90 secs in a proper pizza oven, using a conventional oven can yield good results.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  If you are interested, in trying one of out kits, please let us know x